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    Музыкальный педагог и композитор с 30 летним опытом написания музыки в стилях symphonic intrumentals, ambient, easy listening, soundtracks. 

    Jean-Pierre Garattoni - mastermind of symphonic instrumental music and guarantor of success for popular series profiles can be compared stylistically with the great instrumental composers like Kitaro, Vangelis and many others This musical type of modern classical music continues to enjoy great popularity worldwide. What is needed are artists with the ability to convey visions and, in times of disorientation, to bring feelings and strength for the stomach into the world with their music. Jean-Pierre Garattoni is such a person. His personal music reflects dreams of a global togetherness in which people discover their lives peacefully and in harmony and manifest their visions of personal happiness. His professional career has made him a cosmically inspired realist between heaven and earth.

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